Agape Love Foundation

We, the owners of El Nido Party Boat started Agape Love Foundation ( in 2013. A portion of the Party Boat’s proceeds go to support our humanitarian work in the Philippines and South Africa.

Agape Love Foundation is a global humanitarian organization dedicated to empowering people to bring themselves out of poverty through transformational education and sustainable livelihood development. Agape is the highest and purest form of love, one that surpasses all other types of affection, it is the “love that consumes”. At Agape Love we believe in going beyond meeting the immediate needs of people, by equipping them with the resources and expertise that they need in order to provide for themselves and for future generations.


Current Programs

We have a university scholarship program for girls and we’re currently paying tuition and fees for 4 girls (2 from El Nido and 2 from Puerto Princesa) who are studying in Puerto Princesa, you can click on the picture for more information. Our aim is to increase the number of girls that go to college every year. In March 2017, our first scholarship recipient Flormen (pictured on the left) graduated with a Criminology degree!

Agape Love Foundation Scholarships


Upcoming Programs

Our future projects include building a dog shelter in El Nido. I’m sure you’ve seen the strays roaming the streets of El Nido. We want to buy a farm on the outskirts of town and take care of these beautiful dogs. We’ll host volunteers/interns/woofers to help manage the farm and love on the dogs, set up an adoption program, start an organic farm & fish farm to feed the dogs, and work with a vet from Puerto Princesa to check on the dogs, neuter them, and give them the needed medicine for a healthy life.

Agape Love Foundation Dogs


We will be building a community center in El Nido for youth and adults from the local community. There is a growing number of high school and college dropouts in El Nido due to teen pregnancy, insufficient finances for higher education, and even substance abuse. Our vision is to build a creative outlet for young people to learn different skills and explore their passions. The center will introduce the arts to El Nido – dancing, singing, painting, crafts, martial arts and more. It’ll also be a place for tourists to come and learn about Filipino culture while sharing any skill they may have with the locals.


Completed Projects

If you go on a short walk from El Nido town  to Caalan, you will see Gawad Kalinga (GK) Restaurant. This is one of the first project that we did. GK restaurant is a cooperative restaurant whose profits are shared between 26 low income families. Go eat there, the food is excellent!

We also built a house for a family in South Africa in 2014. This family was living in horrible conditions and isolated from the community. The nearest school was 20km away and the river next to them, that livestock frequented, was their only source of water for drinking and cooking. We were able to secure a piece of land where they could live closer to other families and with the support of both local and international donors we built them a home. The kids only have to walk 15 minutes to school now.